Lumix TZ7 TZ8 or TZ10 differences?


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Need a new camera quick!
I previously owned a TZ7 which was probably one of the best pieces of tech I have ever owned, absolutely amazing camera. Bought it a few years ago for £300 when they were first released but soon had to sell it, couldn't afford to keep it.
I see there is now a TZ8 which to me looks identical? What's the diff?
Also a TZ10 which has GPS? GPS?? Like a sat-nav??
I go clubbing alot and take alot video's and the microphone in the TZ7 was absolute top quality. Very clean digital sound just hope these two have the same mic.
What's the best price on a TZ7? I can't seem to find one cheaper than £199.
Wy is the TZ10 the same price or slightly cheaper??


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The TZ8 is a budget version of the TZ10 just like the TZ6 was a slightly cutdown version of the TZ7. Although the TZ8 has a higher number its spec is generally not as good as the TZ7 as it lacks the high resolution screen, hdmi out and avchd support for video. It has the slightly higher resolution although a few reviewers think this sensor is slightly worse and it is meant to have a slightly better IS system.

The GPS receiver is for geotagging, when you take a picture the camera reads the GPS receiver and puts the data into the photograph so you can see exactly where the photo was taken.

There's a lot of competition in the superzoom market now which has caused the TZ10 price (and other rivals) to drop quite quickly hence being a similar price to the TZ7 (which I think is now discontinued). In addition some don't view the GPS as being that useful due to the battery drain and as mentioned above, some consider the TZ7 to have the better sensor.



You could have a look at the samsung WB600 - on sale at ARgos for £130 at the moment and you also get a £10 gift voucher free... I own both the TZ7 and WB600 and am impressed by both.



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Thanks for summing that up John, greatly appreciated.

As for the WB600 I'm not too keen on Samsung. What's the sound quality like with video?
I can buy an ex-display TZ7 (which is stuck to a fixture for display purposes only) never been powered on as I never put the battery in :) For £140 I think I'll get the TZ7 again. Thanks again peeps!

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