Lumix LX3 - CD-ROM 64bit compatibility


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Hope someone on here can help. I'm pretty new to all this.
My heart is set on owning a Lumix LX3 and I have the chance to pick
up a second hand one at a reasonable price.

I have some concerns however about the purchase and I hope
someone on this forum can help.

1) The seller does not have the CD-ROM. What problems would this
present me if any.?

2) My laptop runs Windows 7 (64bit). I believe that the LX3 CD-ROM
is not compatible with 64bit software. Is that true or is there now a
64bit version I could purchase/download somewhere.?

Just trying to understand if I should go ahead with the purchase minus the CD-ROM or if this would be a problem.



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As per the Panasonic support site the Photofun Studio S/W is not 64 bit compatible :-

Support - Downloads - Panasonic UK & Ireland

However the RAW Codec for Vista 64 bit is so I personally wouldn't let it stop me if i was getting a bargain.

I never use the supplied S/W anyway and just copy the images directly to my PC and process with other third part apps. such as Photoshop Lightroom or Elements etc. - though Free apps like Picassa do exist as an alternative.




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It wouldn't bother me not having the CD, the only possible loss is the Silkypix raw developer but it's not a popular raw developer and the lx3 has a very good jpeg engine. I have an LX3 and briefly tried the Silkypix software but that's it, never used the Panasonic since.


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