Lumix FZ45 Curtain Flash camera settings


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There appear to be 4 settings in my camera, none of which use the expression 'curtain flash'.

I had been using the facility on an older FZ with good result in photos taken of a spot lit singer on stage. The results were sharp pictures with a longish exposure. I AM NO EXPERT BUT TRYING TO USE A WRINKLE SHOWN TO ME. I was very pleased with the results.

I go Menu/Flash and seem to have forgotten which setting I used, which of the 4?

There is also FLASH SYNCHRO' which has settings 1 and 2. Now I am confused. Whish is then 'curtain flash' setting?:lesson::confused:

My naive take on the system is that the flash goes off towards the middle or back of the exposure giving more light and a better photo!

I have just lost the plot! Cabn anyone explain this to me including the different titles the action has so I can recoginse the advice when seeking help in books.

I do hope that makes sense to you. You patience appreciated.
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