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I have a Lumagen Vision Pro (not the HDP). It’s the all BNC one.
Is there any way to change gamma on this model? :confused:
I’m trying to run a G70 with ABG turned off and the image is just too dark!


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If you have latest firmware in the unit then you should be able to turn on the 5 point gamma.

MENU 0 9 1 0 turns on service menu and this allows you more features in usual menus.
You will find under COLR settings you now get CTEMP at bottom. In this you will get Gamma adjustments.

If you go to the FAQ on Lumagen website it has info on how the 11 point gamma works. You may find this useful as it is basically the same for 5point except you don't have the same level of flexibiity.



Thanks very much for the info. I’ll try this tonight and let you know the result asap. :)


Found the Gamma menu, couldn't make head nor tail of it but fiddled with a few settings and then ended up resetting to the default!
I came to the conclusion that this is not the adjustment to solve my problem, but thanks for the info. :)

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