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Lumagen Vision Connection Advice

Dave Gray

Active Member
I've just aquired a Lumagen Vision (original) and just need to check my planned connections.

1) Sky+ connected from RGB Scart -> to JS Sim RGB to Plasma Box, into the Lumagen via the VGA input-> into Panasonic 42PWD4 via VGA input

2) Arcam DV88+ connected from component (interlaced) -> into Lumagen via component -> into Panasonic 42PWD4 via VGA input

I had read somewhere that its best to avoid the JS Sim RGB to Component box because of the box's own pre-processing. Doe's this apply to the JS Sim RGB to Plasma box also?

Am I better off using a Syncmaster SCART to VGA lead for the Sky+ connection into the Lumagen?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!:thumbsup:

Dave Gray

Active Member
Thanks for the reply Gordon,:hiya:
I tried the S-Video last night and whilst the results were inpressive they were not as good as the VGA passthru from my JS technlogy RGB to VGA2 Box.
DVD through the Lumagen from my Arcam DV88plus was better than the Arcams own prog scan processing!

My ideal scenario would be to connect my Sky+ to the Lumagen Vision via component. I tried a Monster Scart to 4 RCA but could'nt get a stable picture.
My Panny 42"PWD4 has RCA component (not BNC). What do I need to do this? A special VGA to 3 RCA component cable? A JS Technology RGB to Component (YUV) Converter?
If I want both DVD and Sky+ connected via component should I run them both into the 100Hz bandwith video switching in my Denon 3805 or get a JS Component buffer? Am expecting too much?!?!?

Please help!!!:lease:

Gordon @ Convergent AV

Distinguished Member
AVForums Sponsor
js tech buffer will be better than the amp but I'd be tempted to run both through amp and see what happens.

If you want to send component direct to your plasma then jstech rgb to component adaptor plus a 3rca to HD15(vga) lead is required. I wouldn't bother with that if you are sending VGA to that port already.

If you want to send component to the scaler then you need an rgb to YPrPb convertor and then somethign to switch your two component signals to the same input on the scaler. You could then use MEMA and MEMB for each different source.


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