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Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by ukfatboy, Aug 8, 2005.

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    I thought I’d let people know of my findings in relation to my recent purchase of a themescene dlp h78 (darkchip) projector and a Lumagen DVI video processor .

    Because I think its relevant to both the dlp projector forum and the scaler forum I have posted in both which I hope offends no one.

    Until recently I had an infocus 7205 but thanks to the burglars that went and I have been hunting until this weekend for a replacement.

    I had on a months trial a infocus 7210 and a dreamvision projector priced at £4600 and £6000 respectively. I came to the conclusion that neither was worth the money . The 7210 was not worth a grand more than a 7205 and the Dreamvision was not as good as the 7210.

    The downside of the infocus projectors is that they are very loud.

    After much research I came to the conclusion of the H78 and was lucky enough that the timings were such that it came with the latest chip for £3250 inc cables and ceiling bracket. Within 10 mins it was projecting pictures that were as good as the infocus in most repects if not as bright. And the silence was lovely.

    My sources are HTPC
    Topfield 5800

    I have toyed with the idea of a scaler/video processor for ages and had used a sweetspot with dscaler in my htpc. As my projector purchase was being funded by an insurance cheque and the H78 ment I was under budget and therefore I decided to get a Lumagen vision dvi scaler from Gordon at convergent for £695 and decided to pay a little extra for Gordon to set it up for me.

    Gordon duely attended my house yesterday afternoon ( Sunday ) and spent 3 hours or so setting up everything for me and I can only describe the results as stunning. The picture in my lounge is just so lush and balanced , I love it !
    Gordon is a very nice bloke and explains everything as he goes along and god knows does he know his stuff.

    I ‘ve seen lots of projectors including all the sim range and the sim 3 chipper. Without a doubt the h78/lumagen combination is a giant killer and easily knocks spots off much more expensive kit.

    The downside side ( or upside ) is that the Lumagen has a setting for everything and you need to know what you are doing to set the system up. It has a variable for everything.

    Gordon explained that Lumagen update their software every month ! which is easily updated on the scaler from a pc.

    The setting up by the dealer ie Gordon from convergent is well worth the cost in my opinion.

    So in conclusion , if your considering either a H78 or a Lumagen or both , go ahead, there cracking pieces of kit.

    Finally I cannot recommend Gordon highly enough , does the industry proud. He’s a prolific poster on these forums so easy to find.

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