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I recently added a Lumagen Radiance XS to my system to spruce up the picture from my Sony 40NX713 TV and with one eye on buying a new TV sometime next year. Using the TV's brightness contrast, backlight and white balance controls, the Radiance's 11-point greyscale control, HCFR and an i1 Display Pro sensor I have been able to tidy up the white point (D65), greyscale tracking and gamma (2.2) so that these track pretty much perfectly. This has noticeably improved the picture quality compared to earlier adjustments made using just the TV's built in controls.

Unfortunately my primary and secondary colours are all undersaturated, when measured against the Rec. 709 standard. I have measured the TV in various pictures modes and I am fairly certain that this a limitation of the display. I would appreciate some advice on how best to calibrate my primary and secondary colours given this limitation. Should I try to calibrate the TV against a smaller gamut? Or should I adjust the 75% saturation points instead of the 100% points. Does anyone know of a calculator which can tell me the correct xyY and/or RGB values for each of the 75% saturation colour points, where peak (video) white is set to 120cd/m2? Does anyone have any other useful tips?

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If there is an HCFR forum that is the place to look. I've never used their software so can't advise other than to say, target 75% luminance and saturation levels first off and then check 25 and 50% luminance and saturation sweeps. It's rare that we get content that is both 100 percent saturation and 100percent luminance on screen so concentrate on areas where we do see most content instead.

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