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I've not actually watched much 4K stuff since adding a Lumagen Pro 4242+ to my system as I've been waiting for lockdown restrictions to be relaxed so I can have my system professionally calibrated first.

Today though I actually had some time on my hands to play around and I've realised that the signal from the Lumagen isn't being reported as HDR either by my Denon AVC-X6700H amp or my Sony VPL-VW590ES projector. When playing a UHD HDR disc via the Lumagen the Denon just reports "---" instead of "HDR10" while the Sony Information Menu "HDR Format" line is simply missing. If I connect the 4K UHD player directly to the amp (bypassing the Lumagen) then both the Denon and the Sony correctly report "HDR10".

Does anyone know whether this behaviour is simply down to the Lumagen putting "the HDR in an SDR container" and in fact HDR is being passed along but just isn't being reported as such? Or does a setting need changing somewhere in the Lumagen?

Any ideas (or explanations, as the "container" concept is above my head if I'm honest) welcome.

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If you press OK on lmuagen remote you will see on screen what is coming in to the lumagen and what is going out. You do NOT want the lumagen to be sending HDR EOTF out to your Sony, want the Lumagen to do the tone mapping and have it output SDR so your projector can display.

Don't think of it as HDR in an SDR container. Think f it as HDR within the dynamic capabilities of your display. The Sony and the Lumagen are trying to do the same job but for the Lumagen to get best results you don't want the Sony to see the HDR content. Lumagen want the Sony to be in a known state so they can map to it well.

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