Lumagen: horizontal resolutions?


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Just doing a bit of research ... planning on upgrading scaler (for forthcoming SkyHD, want to scale HD down to plasma native resolution) and checking out all options out there.

Quick question about Lumagens:

With my current scaler I can define any horizontal and vertical resolution -- e.g. 1366x768 to match my plasma's native resolution -- all Lumagen's marketing materials quote "Programmable output resolution from 480p to 720p, plus 1080i".

Does this mean there is horizontal control over resolution so one can achieve 1:1 pixel mapping and bypass the in-built scaler? I find it odd that it's omitted from the collateral.

Can I set output to 1366x768 pixels?



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Yes you can. In the "timings" menu you can set the horizontal and vertical resolutions on a per pixel basis, provided they are within the scaler's parameters, which 1366 x 768 is.

Joe Fernand

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Hello stoomonster

As Piers says you have absolute control over your Output signal - in fact you can set multiple Output memories if for instance your Display prefers one setting at 50Hz and another at 60Hz.

Keep in mind too not all Lumagen processors are created equal :)

VisionProHDP - Output 480P up to 1080P
VisionHDP - Output 480P up to 1080P
VisionDVI - Output 480P up to 800P

For deinterlacing 1080i sources the Pro and HDP should be your first choice.

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You can also set it to not output fixed pixel timings but to oversample the analogue output instead....or you can get it to automatically do fixed pixel for digital output and oversample for analogue output....

I'd have thought you'd be a beta tester for the new Anchor Bay unit though Stoo.


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