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Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Murray, Dec 5, 2004.

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    I was thinking of buying a Lumagen Scaler to correct the fixed ratio problem when using my Panny 700 when outputting 720P from my player. As you know when playing DVD's on 720P the aspect ratios are locked and I want to use the Lumagen to correct this. I would also use it to clean up SKY.

    Questions about the Lumagen are as follows:

    If I was to get the Vision DVI, would I imput into the lumagen in Component from my DV-868AVi and then to the Panasonic700 in DVI?
    Or do I go from the the Player out into the Lumagen in DVI and then to the projector in DVI?

    (Im calling everything DVI but would be using connectors as you know some of the products are HDMI)

    You say I must come out of the player in 480i or 576i so the lumagen does all the scaling,is that best?

    Also will it do all the PAL/NTSC conversion automatically as I use both formats.

    Will this whole setup fix the problems you fing with most DVD's not fitting to the borders of the 16.9 masking, when playing DVD's on 720p or 1080i?

    I find the DVD's look much better if you play them in 720p or 1080i but I hate them not fitting the borders of my screen!!!

    Will I be able to make just the ONE only adjustment for the sizing and then just leave it at that, and only changing the ratios for 4.3, 16.9 and letterbox?

    Will the image be just as good as I now have without the scaler? I have read that they can make the image a bit soft?

    God I hope this machine would fix this problem as I hate it the way it now is!

    Why dont the players or the projectors have the facility to size the image correctly on HDMI/DVI like they do when on component?

    I hope I know the correct model to order as they would have to get one in from Australia for me.

    Is the picture quality not as good if you do all this from a Lumagen model that doesnt have DVI? (cheaper model)

    Hope someone can help me! :lease:
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    Living in Surrey, covering UK!

    Currently you would use either a 480/P/576P DVI/hdmi in to the DVI of the Lumagen or the YPrPb interlaced in to the Lumagen. Then you'd go out DVI to the HDMI input.

    You'd then set the output size and resolution of the scaler so that the overscan of the plasma is an irrelevance. IE you underscan the output of the scaler so when it is overscanned by the plasma you see all the image.

    Then you adjust the input size under/overscan for each input individually and per aspect ratio.

    In this way you will get what you are after....


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