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Lumagen HDP and 433mxe - help!

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by klnc, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. klnc

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    Oct 2, 2002
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    Lumagen HDP arrived this morning (thank-you Gordon), but I've been having all sorts of problems setting it up and the picture is nothing to shout home about with sky looking like its come from a composite feed to be honest.

    To be clear on what I've done to date...

    433mxe (note this is previous model, not the current MXE-1 model):
    Input 5 - DVI: XGA, Dot-by-dot. All other inputs at default settings

    DVD component to Input 4... Type set to "SDYPRPB". Denon A1 is then set to give interlaced output.
    Sky scart to Input 3, with sync on input 5...Type set to "RGBS" (is this correct?)
    Resolution set to 1024 x 768, with 59.94Hz, outputting via DVI. Pressing display on plasma confirms these settings. Ratio set at 16:9
    Finally, I downloaded the latest software for the scaler.

    This initially produced a picture that left about 1/3 of the screen blank. I copied the timing inputs from the Lumagen FAQ for 1024x768 resolution plasma:

    0 VTOT:806
    1 VACT:768
    2 VSYNC:6
    3 VFRN:3
    4 HTOT:1344
    5 HACT:1024
    6 HSYNC:136
    7 HFRN:24

    This increased the image displayed to virtually full screen for sky, there was still a narrow band down the left hand side, but tweaking HTOT down seemed to get rid of this. Can't say I understand these settings, as assumed all I had to do was set to native resolution of plasma. Picture quality is probably worse than previous VGA input to plasma.

    DVD picture still does not fill the whole screen - there is about a 2inch side bar on left and the top and bottom bars appear uneven.

    Now I may well be doing something stupid, but if anyone has got any tips/pointers/settings to share, I'd be very grateful as I'm getting a bit frustrated. Always thought that I might need to get it calibrated professionally in due course, but thought i'd be able to at least have a stab at getting it out of the box and seeing a marked improvement, but at the moment, it's worse.

  2. Gordon @ Convergent AV

    Gordon @ Convergent AV
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    Jul 13, 2000
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    Living in Surrey, covering UK!
    See my reply to your thread in the Lumagen forum...

    Should point out that units are usually sent out after being updated with current firmware and preset to resolutions for device it's being attached to. However the holiday weekend threw us a bit on this one and it had to go out a day before I was expecting....and there was no one at CONVERGENTHQ to do the business. It's also a holiday weekend so I expect the dealer is not available to talk client through this.


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