lumagen DVI vs VP30 with ABT card


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Hello All

How much of a difference is there between these two scalers purely in terms of SD?

I have the DVI, ISF'd by Gordon, feeding a PW7.
Will I see a large improvement or is the difference negligible?




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The DVI is currently fed by Sky+ and Pana DVD.

In the near future I am dumping Sky and getting freeview via a toppy PVR (Component through scart).
the DVD will also be swapped out for an Arcam dv79.



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You'll see an improvement in video mode material. So anything that was recorded as interlaced in the first instance (sport, studio shot game shows and the like, some of the soaps). With HD cams being more and more popular SD video material is less common so it's only the crappier stuff that will get better. Hollyoaks has been film mode for a while, CSI, 24 etc etc all film mode so won't see any difference there. Really it's sport.

Plus, beware the DVDO will NOT be as good at any form of HD processing. And you will have to have the ISF calibration done again. Plus the DVDO won't have some of the more advanced ISF features that the Lumagen does. The calibrator will not be able to do as precise gamma or y/c delay adjustment for example.


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The only other minor points that I can think of is with Anime and Games Consoles.

If you watch a lot of Anime and currently see annoying artefacts resulting from odd cadences, then the ABT102 will perform better (very well in fact).

Also the DVDO/ABT102 has a game mode where video processing time is limited so that the delay is reduced. Of course some displays introlduce delays themselves, so it's not all straightforward.

But that's about it - you wouldn't catch me swapping to anything other than a Crystalio II in the current climate.

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