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Sounds pretty damn good. I love a bit of Mr Dean Stanton, and this sounds just the job. This wasn't on my radar, so cheers Cas.


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Just watched the trailer and it looks really good. Unfortunately, it seems to be restricted to a very limited number of locations. For those interested, it's available to rent on Amazon Video for £9.99


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thanks for the review cas,didnt no about this at all and always rated harry,look forward to watching lucky.:thumbsup:


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Thanks for the review, Cas, it reminded me to rewatch Paris, Texas too.
Lucky is indeed a bitter sweet tale. H.D.S. gives the impression he didn't need to act too much for this role. His daily health routine in between a smoke is something to behold. And his philosophy on life isn't that far, seemingly, from a good few elder people out there until the end is in sight in which many turn to religion or, as Lucky maintains; some very personal semblance of facing it based on a fairly newly held belief of rationale toward it.
There's a good few touching scenes with Lucky, whether in his bar of choice, a surprising and so sweet moment at a birthday party, his home and a revelatory diner.
It's an interesting swipe at the humanistic aspects of what life is for the individual, how they define and make sense day-to-day and ultimately value it.


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I saw Mark Kermode's review of this film and it does look good. Especially the way he describes the "apparently" random conversations.


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Thanks for bringing this to my attention Cas. Definitely one I will search out. Always loved Harry Dean Stanton's unique way of playing any character - sometimes he says as much by not speaking, as when he does.


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Finally got to watch this yesterday (Been away on Business for a couple of Months, so busy catching up).
A truly superb Movie - incredibly moving. There wasn't one moment that I wasn't completely engaged. What a way to bow out. Bravo H.D.S. You will be missed.

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