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Ive been hanging about the forum for a few weeks now asking some really dumb questions but the whole thing has been invaluable really and Ill have no hesitation in pointing anyone with AV questions in this direction.

All I have at the moment is a Panny TX32LXD52 which I bought last December, never owned any kind of speakers, reciever or anything. Im at the point now where I think Ive settled on some kit and am ready to flash the cash.

Ill be moving house in the next month or two and the living room is roughly 14ft square, eventually I want a screen, PJ the lot but for now I just need to get a receiver and some speakers sorted.

SO, Im thinking MS902i fronts, MS905i centre, some Mission M3ds rears and to drive them, probably the Denon 1906. Not sure if I need a sub right now maybe eventually the MS309i.

Im looking for some kind of reassurance that this will be ok together, also Im going for the Mission m3ds rather than the m3dsi as they are £100 cheaper, not entirely sure what the difference is about from the i ones are the new models.



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Are you sure your room is 14 ft square? That's rather small, I'm sure you mean metres.

There's alot of competition at that sort of price point and people will have different opinions, but the kit you've selected is solid budget kit and you really can't go far wrong with it at that price point.

The only things I think you need to give further consideration to are:-

Will you be using it purely for movies or music and movies? - The Denon is a good all round receiver but if you want a receiver purely for movies maybe go for a Yamaha or Sony which would be a better option for all out movie use IMO - in particular the Yamaha RXV100D which also has a DAB tuner.
Do you plan to use it to listen to multichannel music - DVDA, SACD? If so, the Missions may be a bit lacking as they are really dedicated surround speakers and wouldn't be that great if asked to do anything else. By the way I wouldn't worry about getting the m3dsi, they'll be a slightly tweaked model, and I'm sure they won't justify an extra £100.
Do you have a suitable sight for the mission's? - Bipolar speakers need to be situated correctly to get the benefit of them, depending on your room layout they may not be worth the bother.
How important is the appearance of the speakers? The Mordaunts are nice looking speakers but have you thought about a speaker package? I'm not saying you should do, I only mention it because you don't, but there are many excellent packages out there these days - Canton and KEF in particular offer some good packages which should be within your budget.
Has the 1906 got all the necessary connections you will need?

Sorry for the somewhat long winded response - what you have shortlisted will be a decent system, but just suggesting other things you may want to consider.


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I meant 14ft x 14ft, sorry.

It will be used for music, but mostly movies to be honest, no intention of listening to any DVDA or SACD. Ill check out the Yamaha, cheers.

The room is pretty much square, the TV will be in the centre of one of the walls with the sofa directly opposite. I was planning on putting the m3ds's on the wall behind the sofa. What special considerations do bipolar speakers need with regards to placement?

I did think about the MS Avant Premier Plus package, but the mission rears were more wife friendly. Plus I like the idea of bipolar speakers, chose the missions over the MS903 purely on price to be honest.

As far as connections go, 3 component inputs will do me fine, not interested in HDMI right now though my TV does have a HDMI input. Like I said, I dont have anything at the moment so my aim is to put something reasonable together without breaking the bank. Looking at maybe £800 max.


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Bit worried now about this bipolar placement, best suited for sidewalls?

What about using some MS302i' as rears instead maybe?


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Bipoles aren't too fussy over positioning, I was just wondering about the size and shape of your room that's all, but a 14X14 foot square room shouldn't give you any problems.

Conventional wisdom dictates that bipoles should be placed quite high up slightly back (about 30 degrees) from the listening position rather than directly behind the listening position. But that's in an ideal world and doesn't account for personal preference or practical considerations.

If you haven't done so already, I'd try and get a listen to some bipoles - many like the diffuse sound field they give, others prefer the more focussed soundfield you get with monopoles. Again, it's all down to personal preference.


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That'll be fine, and given that your sofa is quite close to the back wall, bipoles may be better than standard "bookshelf" speakers, bipoles can also be fitted very flush to the wall. But see if you can get a demo of some bipoles or even borrow some before you buy, as you may find that they just aren't for you.

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