Bargain Lucky Dip For Digital Codes.....


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OK Folks - Saturday will be the last chance for requests in the Lucky Dip

After that I will have to consolidate the requests and see if they exceed the number of possible codes

I the total doesn't exceed the codes then I will simply work through the requests and PM the Requestor with a code from the list.

If the number of users requesting codes then I will need to compare the various users "Membership Length" and contributions via Posts to the AVF Site - with the codes going to those with the highest "ratings"

This will take a number of days so "don't panic" ;)

I will post again when closing requests down for info. and again once I start sending out the codes

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Very kind of you. I'm in if you're still accepting requests


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Wow, what a very nice thing to do!

You gotta be in it to win it, so I is in
- please and thank you :beer:


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Now forum is back online I am going through the requests and will start contacting members so fingers crossed that you get a good one :beer:

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