Bargain Lucky Dip For Digital Codes.....

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OK first things first I have already had approval from @Apsilon for this thread :)

As you all know the sale of digital movie codes is not allowed on AVF

I personally don't use digital download codes for anything that I acquire and consequently have about 120 codes available

So the purpose of if this thread is to offer the codes for free to actively participating and contributing AVF members

Please note that some of the codes - where I have acquired the movies preowned - might have already been redeened and some may have expired - though whenever I have cgecked sone codes for expiry they have usually been OK but I can't guarantee any of the codes

Most codes are from std blurays but reasonable number are from 4k sets and they are randomly shuffled

If you would like to be considered for a code then just make a post in this thread requesting one

The thread will be kept open for requests for a couple of weeks to allow a reasonable amount of time for members to spot it and makeva request

After that period I will allocate a code at random - starting with the user with the most forum posts and working down the list until all codes have been distributed

As there are a large number of codes available I am unable to list the movies for selection

There is of course the possibility that you might receive a code that is for a movie that you already own or - God forbid you don't like/want - such is life :)

Should this be the case then I would suggest that someone could open a seperate thread in this section for code swaps and ask for alternative code offers to consider - I would suggest that in these cases you shoukd check the code for usability first

If anyone does find a codevto have been already used or has expired then please update your request post with a clearly visible note to this effect and if therecarevany codes left over I will try to allocate you another

That's about it so "request away" :)

Please note that this offer is open to ALL AVF MEMBERS - not just Movie forum contributors

So please feel free to let members in other forum areas aware of this offer - perhaps by posting a link to this thread elsewhere on the various forums

Good Luck!


PS no need for thanks/likes etc. Just "pay it forward" when you can :)
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Thanks count me in


Nice to give back as well as pay it forward, very kind gesture


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Nice offer I’m in please


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I would like to participate. Many thanks.


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Forgive my ignorance, but where would one use a code?
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