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Lucasfilm Games


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I am reading about Lucasfilm Games restarting, albeit I can't remember if it was Lucasfilm Games before Lucasarts or just Lucasarts.

Anyhoo, some of my favourite gaming experiences came from Lucasarts so I hope that they can do some decent SW and other Lucasfilm related and non-related games.

I would love to play a modern Tie Fighter or Dark Forces or Indiana Jones, or Day of the Tenticle type game again.

Probably a few years away from games but hope it is successful.


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Wouldn't they have to get the rights from Disney to do a star wars game now? Or do they just own the franchise for movies?

I have great memories of Lucasarts too. Dark forces is a classic. Rebel assault 1 and 2 kept me busy for a long time too.

Let's not forget the monkey island series as well.

Exciting times if they can bring that caliber of games back.


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If they updated X-Wing and TIE Fighter to look modern and shiny then I'll be a happy man indeed - without dumbing them down. Those games were - and should be - challenging.


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I wouldn't get your hopes up the people being hired are mostly just brand managers and such.

It began life as Lucasfilm games then became Lucasarts around 92-93, the 90's were their golden era nd when it was most independent, way ahead of their time too for cinematic productions.

In the 2000's the studio was turned into a Star Wars clearing house and was run into the ground by successive bad management. In early 2000's George Lucas appointed a friend of his to run the place who's background was in being a medical insurance administrator, dude had no clue but being a friend of George made him immune. Even after that guy left there was just consent meddling and no-one stayed running the place for long.

Unless someone is paying for remasters of the old games some of which DoubleFine has done already I don't see the point of bringing the old brand name back. Could be just a way for Disney to avoid sticking it's name on lots of crappy games it wants to license, so dig the old Lucasfilm games name out of the grave and slap it on future titles.

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