lucasarts early space sims


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Back in 93, lucasarts introduced us to the classic 'X wing' space sim which so impressed me at the time, that it prompted me to buy my first pc just to play it - worra game!
Since then, lucasarts have released other space sim titles based around the star wars universe ultimately resulting in the superb 'tie fighter' which along with mega classics like deus ex, and system shock 2, occupy my all time top 5 classic games.
Problem is, the last game lucasarts released in this vein - x-wing alliance', was released some years back and I really miss these games - later releases like rogue squadron and starfighter are almost childishly simple and aimed primarily at the console market.
As it now seems that the space sim genre is well and truely dead, I'd love to be able to give these classics a go again but have been told that the older titles are not compatiable with modern pcs - is anyone out there still playing these titles and if so, are you encountering any problems running it?


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Me and my friend play X-Wing vs Tie Fighter on Windows XP and it runs fine. The only problem is that I sometimes get an issue with sound clipping or loosing sound (Soundblaster Live Value, my mates PC is fine with a newer sound card). In those cases I usually have to restart the game, 90% of the time tho there is no problems.

You will have to buy the windows versions of the X-Wing series and it should be ok.

You could also look at Freespace and X2- The Threat, 2 recent space games that are supposed to be quite good.


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I've already got (and still play) the freespace series, great fun but getting on a bit.
X2 is okay I guess but it lacks the frenetic pace of the titles mentioned, due to the fact that it is primarily a trading game.

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