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LS60 - bah!

Discussion in 'TVs' started by DaveLad, May 6, 2003.

  1. DaveLad


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    Well, after lurking on this board for months investigating 32in widescreens, I decided to take the plunge with the Sony KV32LS60. I'd read all about the loud buzzing, but somehow justified it by thinking that not *every* set could be affected... not even most. What are the chances eh?

    Well, I got the thing, unwrapped it, set it up and turned it on. Yep, there's a buzz from the back. Not too bad I thought at first, something that you could get used to. However, after watching the set for the last couple of days, I don't think I'll be able to get used to it. It is very noticable at about a quarter volume as a high pitched power supply hum from the rear of the set. It does tend to vanish into the background when everyday life is happening around you, but if you're watching a not-loud programme (news24) on your own in a room, it is *very* annoying. In fact, its given me a bad head today.

    So I'm going to have to go through the process of getting an engineer out, possibly getting it repaired, maybe getting it replaced or even going for a refund. Damn.

    You'd have thought that spending the thick end of a grand on a TV would be enough to buy you satisfaction eh?

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