LPT & USB 3 Cards for Win 7 64bit Advice needed



Sorry if this has already been asked.

I've recently upgraded a desktop to W7 64bit to be able to use more ram with Photoshop.

As my desktop had no LPT port, I used a PCI LPT card which worked fine with XP and our old but superb b/w laser - not surprisingly it doesn't seem to be be supported by W7 64bit and I can't find any updated drivers for it - it's a Chinese card with a CH351L chipset. Can anyone point me to where I can find 64bit drivers for this card or suggest either a new PCI or PCIe to LPT card which works ok with W7 64bit?

I'm wanting to use USB 3 external HD's with this desktop to rapidly up/down load multi media stuff - mb only has USB 2, any one suggest a PCIe card that definitely works with W7 64 bit. I got a cheap one on eBay with a VIA VL 800 chipset - it loads the drivers but doesn't seem to be working 100% reliably - I've got the latest drivers from the VIA site, but still not happy - stops my USB 2 ports from working properly if I plug anything into the USB 3 port!!! Any help with this would be appreciated. I get the feeling that USB 3 and W7 64bit is still 'work in progress'. Any one know of a reliable usb 3 PCI or PCIe card I can use in my system

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