LP12 with Ittok 2 seeks suitable cartridge for a revitalizing relationship


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I have an LP12 with Ittok 2 which is sitting idle after tiny hands seperated the cantilever from my Audio Technica OC5. :mad:
Theres no point letting the Linn gather any more dust so either I sell it or revitalize it with a new cartridge. As my amp doesnt have a phono stage, a phono pre-amp will also be necessary.
The OC5 was a nice cartridge and a great step up from the K9 I had before so I dont want anything less than that. Also I doubt I will be investing in any more vinyl so its only to play what I already have, so budget wise forget about Lyra's etc
(unless someone has one hiding in a drawer somewhere begging for a new home)
Other kit shown below, any suggestions welcome


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Another good but pricy choice would be the Lyra Dorian and Argo
I know but I have to be sensible :( the Dorian is £495/ The OC9 at £150 ex usa is a great price provided I dont get stung on duty & vat. The other cartridge that appeals, although I havent heard it is the Sumiko Evo at £200. I've still got to think of the head amp. Graham Slee communicator looks an interesting product


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If you are not into brand names, and just enjoy music then I have an even odder suggestion (scuse the spelling three parts ******, but it is a bank hoilday weekend, and i have just had a week from hell)
cambridge 640P from Richer, its about 5 bob new. stick a Denon DL110. which is about a night on the beer money into the MC side of it. Sit back and enjoy two of hi fi's best kept secrets.
In the real world, which I sometimes live in the 640 is about £60, the 110 is around £65, and i'm buggerd if I can think of a pairing this side of £600 thats better.

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