LP12 & Audiolab left to me by my late uncle


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Hi Guys,

My late uncle left me most of his kit and was quite into his vinyl and CD’s. I am more home cinema orientated so have a dilemma. This is some of the kit he left me and I would rather it went to someone who appreciated it than stick it on a well known auction site.

The list is as follows:

Linn Sondek LP12 serial number 81609 fitted with Linn ITTOK LVII arm and Ortofon MC15 super II. It also has the Lingo power supply serial no. 02861. It has a black ash (veneer) plinth. Condition wise it has a few marks on the plinth where the lid rests and a couple of 1mm chips, the lid has surface scratches and the two black hinges are cracked which I know are easily replaced. It was bought originally from Audio T in Gants Hill (Ilford) Essex. I don’t have the original box or manual but I do have a Goldring MM EPIC - II cartridge as well.

I also have Audiolab gear all purchased from Audio T in Gants Hill (Ilford) Essex.
8000 DAC serial number 215A02028 no box but have manual
8000 CDM serial number 221F000329 boxed with manual
8000 C serial number 208E56027 boxed with manual
8000 P serial number 209E60061 boxed with manual

I also have some Van den Hul cables

What do you think would be a reasonable price to ask for it?

Any help would be most appreciated. I live in Westerwood near Glasgow so it's ironic that the Linn has found it's way home.

Many thanks in advance



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i think you could comfortably ask £1200+ for the Sondek....,oh aye and whats it called:D
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Thanks for the answer, I really don't want to flog it, but I have no real use for it and it's too good to stick on ebay and get bombarded with silly offers.



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Ah well that's the LP12 away, did a deal with the guys at Audio Merchants for my 3005SE's and an RXV-1900. One of the guys there has been after one for a while so much as it saddens me it's gone to a new home to be loved once more.

Kane D Williams

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I think £200 - £250 each for the pre and power amps. £300 ish for the DAC. £250 ish for the CD player/

I'm no expert, but these seem like the going rate.

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