LP Protection where do you get yours


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Do you mean an LP cover or the inner sleeve? I get both from Ebay. I hunt down Nagaoka no102 inner sleeves on there, and get the stiff plastic covers for the LP on there too.

I use one seller for the plastic covers, I'll try and hunt down which one.


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Try soundswholesale on Ebay for the PVC outer sleeves. The inners are more important tbh. Paper sleeves and crap plastic ones damage the records.


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In addition to the inner/outer protection, can anyone recommend a good vinyl cleaning/antistatic brush? I noticed my current brush has started shedding fibres on the records, surely defeating the purpose!


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Oh right I will get some inners first
I have a fibre brush that cost me a tenner project I think but I don't rate it that much
Surgical spirit does quite a good job
Also have a manual disc spinner which cost 45 but even that doesn't seem to totally clean some of the worse condition Lps I come across
Don't know what the next step up is


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yeah I found them on there ordered 50 to start with
Get some double sided tape ready for when they arrive.

I would suggest, because this is what I do, placing the Nagaokas inside your existing sleeves. Use an LP to bulk the sleeve out, put the DS tape near the top of the Nagaoka's (about half an inch down) then place inside the existing sleeve and gently squeeze once everything is lined up to your satisfaction. I use a knackered old LP to put my inner sleeves together. Paranoia and all that...

Why do I do this? The Nagoaka's and any 'round' inner sleeve can get scrunched up if you don't. Plus you get added protection of a paper/cardboard sleeve outside the Nagaoka's.


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No probs. they are 600g so much thicker than normal and don't seem to degrade. If you are putting a double album in put the top side in first to widen the gap then remove, put the bottom in - widen it, remove then go back to the top and the whole album will slide in.

Phew! ;)



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