Loyalty cards for Sky digiboxes (goes in second card-slot on digibox)


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I know this is old news from 15 April 2004, an announcement from Sky is imminent, but what do people think about this? Would you use a loyalty card to not change channel during adverts, or stay on another channel all evening?

New Media Age, 15 April 2004
Sky on verge of opening way for TV loyalty cards
Jonathan Webdale

Sky is preparing to activate the dormant second slot in its 7.2m set-top boxes deployed in UK households, paving the way for a TV equivalent of Nectar-style loyalty cards.

The move, which is expected to be announced within weeks, could represent a golden bullet for broadcasters struggling to retain viewers in the increasingly fragmented multi-channel world.
It would also open up a plethora of revenue opportunities, allowing channel operators to reward audiences for staying tuned.

A consortium of technology firms is courting broadcasters in anticipation of movement from Sky, which has been handing out free set-top boxes featuring an additional slot to that required by the subscriber's viewing card ever since the launch of Sky Digital over five years ago.

Interactive TV firm Mindhouse is working with systems integrator SESI and consultancy Emergent Media Partnerships on applications. It has already secured interest from a number of broadcasters.

'Our assumption is that the opening up of the second slot is happening,' said Mindhouse MD Steve Scott, 'It's an inevitability.'

A Sky spokesman wouldn't confirm any such plans, saying only that the firm would continue to evaluate its options for the second slot. But he said any platform developments would be made available to third parties in the same way as past ones.

Industry sources suggest, however, that an announcement on such a step could be weeks away.

Matthew Woods, marketing head at Hallmark Channel, confirmed he was in talks with Mindhouse over a loyalty card scheme. Matthew Kershaw, head of interactive at MTV Networks UK and Ireland, said: 'You could have MTV Miles. Incentivising audiences to stay on your channel is key.'

Source: New Media Age go to website for subscription details.



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Minor point but if an article can't get simple facts right how reliable is the rest?
SKY have not been handing out free digiboxes since it launched, they cost £200 in 1998 and were subsidised down from around £400 by a consortium of companies who thought they could make money from subscribers using online shopping/banking etc.

Quick pointer to broadcasters looking to increase audience share and loyalty, get rid of onscreen DOGS, reduce advertising and promos during programs, support widescreen whenever possible which basically means treat your subscribers as intelligent adults!


anything free from sky is good in my books! Between our 2 boxes we have sky on about 20 hours a day..... maybe that equates to some nice money back! :D



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No problems with a scheme like this as long as it means no extra onscreen garbage during programming promoting the option but does anyone expect SKY to merge this enhanced code into the OS without crippling tens of thousands of digiboxes in the process:)


i guess them screwing things up would be a pretty major concern.... :eek:



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How could it work? You'd just clock up the hours by leaving the box on overnight and when you're at work. They'd have to make it peak hours only, certain programmes only or, heaven forbid, have "press button x now to gain a loyalty point" popping up at random intervals.


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Unless your the 'commercial traveler' of the viewing world, wont it be ****. I was under 10K a year in my car, always trying to fill at the same station but got little more than some glasses etc! Asda did the best deal for me with their fuel cheap, & occasional £5 off my shopping as a result of their points.
What will you get with Sky? money of the subscription? 'Free' box office viewing? Perhaps loyalty discounts should be if you subscribe to sky you get a cash a month off subs for each additional year you've been a customer after your 1st year. Not loyalty for leaving the box on one channel. Call me cynical but I can't imagin it being anything but pants. However as Buns implied anythings better than nothing (just not much I fear) & I need some nice whiskey glasses. Lead crystal, cut glass please


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You are probably right Davej:(
I can't see any "loyalty" scheme working if it's based on the digibox being tuned to a certain channel, people are just gonna leave it on there and watch something else or go and live a real life:)
It would surely require some feedback in realtime to confirm that someone was watching and that means onscreen graphics and maybe even call backs (not on a 0800 number either).

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