Low white noise hissing sound


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Hi all hopefully someone can help might be on the wrong thread this may have been posted a few times

purchased an LG lhb645n 5.1 cinema system but I am hearing a constant low hissing/white noise through all 5 speakers the hissing never changes when I turn the volume up or down or when I change sound effects but I can hear it when I am watching a movie with a quiet scene it happens on every input

i have unplugged everything so only the speakers are connected even when there is nothing playing or audio cable connected the hissing is still there

could it be a bad system shall I just get it replaced



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I would certainly get it replaced. White noise should only be audible if you press your ear up against the speaker. If you can hear it clearly through the room, then there's a problem somewhere.


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Well it’s set up in my man cave and I am sat like 8ft away from it all and I can hear it on low noise scenes or while I’m playing my Xbox and got the sound on low I can hear it

It was a replacement as my other lg bh7440p broke but the system I used to have I never had any hissing fuzzy noise

so I might get it replaced and see if it’s still the same

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