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I have some video clips in Cyberlink PowerDirector that I would like to edit.

I've noticed that for a couple of clips, the volume is low, the subject on film isn't easily heard. I've tried increasing the volume in the audio mixing area, which has helped a bit, but it's still not loud enough for my liking (and I have good ears ;) )

Other clips are fine, it's just the way the footage on these couple of clips has been recorded (subject a bit too far from camcorder).

Anything I can do to boost the volume further? I was thinking of exporting just the sound file from the software, then using some proper sound software to boost volume, then re-importing, but can't seem to do this.

Any advice is appreciated - thanks!


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I would suggest converting that file to an avi file, this will give you an audio file..
Just make sure you render the audio as high as possible to enable some sort of re equlisation or effects with out too much signal loss..
I have Cool edit pro, which has a multitude of filters, it allows me to process the signal anyway I want, taking out crackle, noise, pops etc.
A lot of experimenting involved, but its worth the time..
I took a mono source, recorded on an MP3 player, from the phone, and made it into a stereo music track..
My nephew left a daft message on the answering machine, so I had some fun with him.
The original pales in comparison from the end product.
But I knew what I was doing..
You will be able to do basic things, it should not be a problem with reading some hints..
Hope this helps..


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