Low volume using Amp analogue input

We have a Yamaha XMV8280-D Amplifier (Dante capable model) and are looking to simply play some music through it via spotify.

The easiest solution would be to use the analogue inputs on the amp and wire it into a smartphone headphone jack (using a usb-c to 3.5mm adapter) however during testing the audio output was extremely quiet. I ensured the phone volume and amplifier was maxed out.

Doing a quick search it seems that devices such as smartphones limit the sound output, as technically it is a headphone port and they do not want to blow eardrums.

What would be the easiest solution to by-pass this problem? We want to get it all working in the next couple of days so don't really have time to order parts online.
Could it possibly work better using a laptop headphone 3.5mm port as a source? Or maybe I could borrow a friends sonos device?


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You need sources where the output is line level, not headphone. So that would be a pole line out device, any regular cd player, Sonos or squeezebox etc.

Sonos is good but with the 65,000 track limit its pretty much only worthile if you have a medium sized collection on your computer.

Considering the price it's inexcusable. My squeezebox easily scans past 65,000


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Another option would be a dac, that goes between the laptop and Yamaha. Say topping E30.

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