Low volume on Tosh 210e

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by JFK, Aug 11, 2002.

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    When playing dvd's, on the tosh 210e, the volume is considerably lower than any other source. All sources are through a Yamaha 620 amp and are outputed through B&W 602s3, lcr60s3 & dm302 for rears.

    When I watch a dvd, at about -27db on the amp, there is a high pitched noise from the front left & right tweeters. If the amps volume got louder, so did the noise, but if you go below -32db the noise kind of disappears.

    I using a Vanden Hul Optocoupler optical cable between dvd player and amp. Is there a problem with any of the equipment, or is there a way to turn up the output volume on the dvd player, so to reduce the volume of the amp.

    Many Thanx for any replies.

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