Low volume on some speakers, receiver problem


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I have an old AV receiver, a Sony STR-KG800, with 5.1 speakers. I've been noticing that I can barely hear the sound on the surround speakers lately, and on closer inspection (using the receiver's tone test mode), I noticed that the left front speaker and the right surround speaker are barely audible at normal volume. The left surround speaker is also lower than it should be, but not as low.

I tried putting the right front speaker wire into the left front receiver input, to test the receiver. To my surprise (since I assumed it would more likely be a problem in the wiring), the volume on the right front speaker got very low, like the left front speaker was. So it seems the problem is in the receiver.

I tried changing the volume levels, which make it a little better but far from good enough. I even tried resetting all configurations on the receiver, to no avail.

Can I be sure the receiver is damaged? Is there anything else I should try, before buying a new one? Thanks in advance.


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If it is doing the same with the test tones, then yes it does sound like a fault in the receiver. Time for a new one I'm afraid.


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Yes there is a shortage and prices are high. Not the best time to buy a new receiver unfortunately, Always worth asking the retailer for a bit of discount, I was offered £300 off a new Denon 6700h just before xmas when I asked.

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