Low volume issue from Samsung UE40H6400 TV to Sonos Beam


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My mum has bought a Sonos Beam to have a more enjoyable sound experience but also to compensate for being slightly hard of hearing. I have set up all of her other devices through the years but with the Beam, the sound quality isn’t actually better than the Samsung TV’s built in speaker at the back, and you have to have the Beam at volume 60 for it to match 35 on the tv without the beam plugged in.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how this might be resolved please?

The beam is connected to the tv through the ARC HDMI port on the back using the cable they provided. I also tried the other port that was accessible if I used the optional accessory the Beam came with, but that made no difference.

What I also noticed was if I stream music from my phone, or my mum plays audio from a programme on her tablet through the Beam, it works incredibly well, exactly as she’d hoped, and we have to turn the volume on the Beam right down to 20-30. So that seems to limit the problem to the tv. I tried using other HDMI cables but that didn’t resolve it and I made sure it was firmly connected at both ends. This issue affects sky as well, essentially anything coming through the tv, and I did try swapping HDMI ports but that didn’t resolve it either. The tv is only about seven years old so it is not ancient.

I’m using the right Sonos app. I have also spoken with Sonos and they walked me through running a diagnostic and it reported no errors and that everything was connected correctly. They too confirmed it should not need to be at volume 60+ but were unable to provide a solution.

As a test mum disconnected the beam last night and said it was an improvement, which isn’t quite what was planned.

Any guidance and help is greatly appreciated.

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