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Aug 8, 2002
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I bought a nice (big!) Yamaha SW205 sub last week but I'm only getting a small amount of sound from it - certainly not the door-rattling throbbing I was hoping for! When performing the tone test, the speaker works but it's sound level is much lower than the other speakers.

I've tried the set-up speaker options on my Yamaha 630 amp but it will only let me decrease the sound output, not increase it (from 0). I'm using a Profigold cable...

Please forgive my ignorance (again) but I am stuck!

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks,

You will not get the same volume from the sub as you other speakers when using the test tone.

Best way if you have no SLM is to do it by ear with a cd or from a movie clip you know well, one that has a fair amount of bass.

Don't know how you have set your amp, taking it that you have set speakers to small, set sub crossover to full, turn volume on sub to 3 o'clock, turn sub level on amp to 0, play the cd/movie and start to adjust the subs volume via the amp, if you need to increase the volume you will have to adjust it via the sub, but the settings I have given you decreasing should be what you have to do. Hopefully you should hear some improvement.

Make sure you have connected to the left line input..

It will probably need running in for a while just like any other speaker.

What level do you have the gain set at? I was advised by Kef on my sub that the gain should be set at max and the level then controlled from the amp.
We have just taken delivery of our sexy new Toshiba 220 DVD so I'm going to try to set up the sub with Shrek (which is the only DVD movie we've got!).

I'm having to put the sub onto full volume at the moment - I hope it won't damage anything... When I've got a minute, I'll go over all the speaker set-up malarky again but I've seen some other posts about setting up a subwoofer so I'm going to have a look there first...

(I'm guessing that an SLM is a sound level meter, which I don't own and wouldn't know how to use if I did! And the speaker is connected to the left (also marked 'mono' on my sub) input.)

Thanks for the pointers guys,

Pretty much got it sorted now - thanks to you Brox, bob007 & the other subwoofer set-up posts...

My speakers were set to 'large' (because I thought my Wharfedale Diamond 8's were large!) but it seems that setting the speakers to 'small' on the amp causes it to send more bass to the sub - just what the doctor ordered.

Anyway, 'Shrek' was great fun last night and that old dragon really made the floor shake! Yum, yum!

Thanks all,


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