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Low profile card suitable for 3D BD-ISO to TV - PC Suitable?

Midnight Tboy

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Hi all,

ok so I last built an HTPC a couple of years ago, well it wasn't a specific build, but basically a Dell Optiplex 760 with a low profile Radeon HD4550 card for HDMI out.

While it worked really well, at the time, suing MediaPortal (despite a few teething issues) it was too big for the shelf it was on, and so bought a popcorn player for convenience, which has been ideal until now. That PC was then used as my main pc for web browsing etc until now.

Anyways, I'm about to purchase a 3DTV, and so want to replace my Popcorn with a 3d compatable setup for playing 3d ISOs.

I've seen the Himedia 900b/c boxes though they're very early stages and buggy at the moment.

I was wondering if I could replace this gfx card with something that can cope with outputting 3d well enough.....but wonder if you guys think the PC spec is suitable? Possibly trying this MyMovies out which looks quite good

The spec is a dual core E5200 @ 2.50ghz, and with 4gb Ram, currently running Windows 7 64bit, though plan on a fresh format. Current card is a 512MB Asus HD 4550, which I believe cannot do 3d. The motherboard has a single PCI Xpress slot (x16 I think).

The first problem being the case needs a low profile card. The card I bought only just fit in, and to do so I had to remove the metal plate altogether, can't remember exactly why, I think it was a fixed 2 slot low profile with unneeded vga on the 2nd slot so disconnected that.

As you can see in the pics theres very little room between the HDD and the gfx card fan in that setup. I'm thinking a passive cooled card may be better, though a fan based card would be fine




I have no intention of gaming whatsoever on this, just used for media playback, mostly HD MKV and 3d BD-ISO.

Can anyone recommend what card would be best for me that would allow 3D BD-ISO playback without any speed problems? (If you think the CPU is up to the job - I think it should be)

I'm thinking this card may work well for £35, presuming PSU is ok with it?

Sapphire HD 6450 AMD Radeon Graphics Card - 1GB - 11190-02-20G - Scan.co.uk



Asus ATI Radeon HD 6450 SILENT EDITION 1024MB http://overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-259-AS

My second issue.....the sound will be sent to an Onkyo 607 receiver. This does not officially support 3D/HDMI 1.4. I've heard that you can set the PC to force the output so it just passes through regardless tho unsure if this is true (or if would cause problems switching between 2d and 3d video). I'd rather not use optical to the sound, as would then lose HD Audio options.

As an alternative, anyone know of a low profile card that could have 2 hdmi outputs, one for audio to the AV and one direct to PC?

thanks for the help,
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