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Low power fast graphics card


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I have just found out that my 6800GT GFX card is drawing too much power from my Mini PC, causing pauses whilst playing games. Is there any other, lower power (perhaps not using the supplementary power connection) cards that come close to this card performance wise? I am also using my PC as a HCPC and therefore would like a quiet card, which the 6800GT is not.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated



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you can get uprated mini-ATX power supplies, a worthwhile investment imho


All high end/high performance graphics cards are, by nature, power hungry. You're going to have to lose performance to reduce power.

As regards silencing, Zalman's GPU cooler is excellent & near silent in operation (special low rpm mode).



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I am willing to accept a reduction in performane as the PC is being used as my DVD player more than a Games machine - that's what the Xbox is for. However there are a couple of games that I am trying to play before the next gen consoles come out and I move completely over to consoles. PC gaming is just too much hastle.

So, a card that is good for AV use as a HCPC is more of a priority than a fast gamers card. I have been advised that ATI are better in this regard than Nvidia - is this the case??

PSU upgrade would be good, but I would have to check that my miniPC (Biostar Ideq 210P) can accept the standard microATX designs. The power supply looks very small...



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Well an Nvidia card and purevideo codec gives gpu post processing and hardware accelaration, the silent gigabyte 6600/6600gt are popular for this, but does require power. Can you take anything else out of the pc that is using power, and add it via a powered external usb hub?
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The 9600XT is the most powerful card you can get in the ATI lineup that does not require auxiliary power. They also run very cool. Try to lay your hands on an Ultimate edition. They are passivly cooled. The next most obvious alternative is the 6600 series Nvidia cards. To be honest, Nvidia have it at the moment for HTPC, but the differences are small.
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