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May 26, 2005
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Fife, Scotland
I currently have a Yamaha RX-V430 RDS receiver and since it's now at least 3 years old, I think it's time for a change.

I only have £350 max to spend and have narrowed it down to a few Pioneer models, but any further advice is welcome.

There's a nice Pioneer VSX-D912 on ebay at the moment, and I like the look/specs of that. I know it's an older model now, but as it currently sits, it's a bit of a steal.

Now, there's the new VSX-915, at around £220. Specs look OK, but the actual unit looks a bit crammed with buttons.

Then at max. budget, the VSX-1015 is exactly what I'm after (I can get this for around £360), as it's a clean looking box and very well spec'd, but there's something telling me the 915 will do just as good a job, for less money.

My current set-up is an MCE HTPC, Telewest cable box, Sony DVD-RW. Speakers; Kef Q6 front, Q95C, Kef Model 65 rears (I think) and an REL Quake sub tucked in there as well....

No video switching is required and I like to use the system for 2 channel as well as multi, since the Yam is a bit flat in 2-ch mode.

How does the D912 stack up against the 1015? Is it purely an evolution of the same model?

What else should I be looking at?

All advice thoroughly welcome!!

if in general with movies the amp does the job, if it has pre-outs then consider buying a stereo amp to have the front left/right speakers hooked up to for music purposes......with the speakers you have you'll notice a far bigger gain if the speakers are good buying a stereo amp for your budget than buying an av amp.......you'll get a gain with a new av amp, but if video switching isnt necessary and surround sound atm isnt too bad then its worth a thunk ;-)
oh, i dunno the models your talking about btw, sorry, hence my alternative suggestion due to your speakers...lol

its also worth checking out Denon and Yamaha at the price point if you stick with getting a new av amp....

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