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Low light Digital Compact


Standard Member
Sorry to post another "recommend me a camera thread", but I feel as though I've read millions of them and I'm none the wiser.

For the last 2 years or so, I've been using a Sony Cybershot T7, and I love the way I can just fit it in my pocket wherever I go. Unfortunately, when I get it out to take some photos in low light situations (street lighting or in a pub or restaurnat) they come out really blurry. So, I figured it must be time to upgrade, but I seem to have wondered into a minefield. Everyone seems to agree that the Fujifilm F31d is the best low light digital compact, but it's a bit bigger than I'm looking for (nearly twice the depth of the T7), so I'm trying to avoid it if I can.
I don't need professional huge prints, just photos that I can look at without them being blurry and having streaks of light all over the place (I'm assuming image stabilisation will help with this).

I think I've narrowed my choices down to the following, but I'm open to any other suggestions:

Another cybershot - T10, T20, T50, T100. I'm a bit lost on the naming conventions and I'm not sure which ones are supposed to be replacements for which models (from the specs I couldn't tell you which was better out of the T10 and the T20).

Something from the cybershot W series, probably the W80, W90 or W100 - A lot of reviews of these seem to suggest they have poor low light capabilities.

Panasonic Lumix - The FX50 is a bit too thick for my liking, but the FX30 looks quite nice. Also the 28mm wide angle lens seems like it would be a good thing. There's also the FX33 and the FX55 which are both a bit thinner than the FX50, but I can't find anywhere that sells them, are they out yet?
Again, I've seen a few reviews that criticise the low light capabilities of these.

Canon Ixus - One of the IS models, all seem a bit too thick for my liking, but from the sounds of it I would be getting the best overall camera if I got one of these.

Basically, I just want something that doesn't take worse photos than the T7 in any conditions as I don't want to have to carry two cameras around with me.

Thanks for any help you can offer.



Active Member
I have just bought a T100 and I would say my initial description of low light images is 'grainy'.
Is this usual for these compact cameras?

I got it specifically to take photos on nights out in low light environments such as restaurants, bars and pubs.

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