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    So with just 10 shopping days till Xmas, I suppose it is time to address the impending issue of what is the most desirable low-end pj. The HS1 did not live up to its hype, as although, for the money, picture performance is outstanding, its plug and play setup and extensive range of accessories (you have to pay an extra £100 just to get a component in) meant it had an amateur-ish feel to it (anyone notice how most of the reviews of the HS1 started by saying how good the actual pj looked, with its "my-first-projector" stylings?). For those of us expecting to see something not unlike the VW10 in the £2000 price range, in order to make way for the VW11, this was something of a disappointment. Instead the HS1 was a watered-down, simplified version of the VW10, perhaps if the VW11 had represented more of an improvement on its predecessor, the HS1 could have had a few more of the VW10's features, while sony could still justify the VW11's high price.

    IMHO, the Hitachi PJ-LC2001 is still the mutt's nutts with Sanyo PLV-30 and the NEC LT150 close behind. Although the Phillips Munroe may well soon change that.

    However, much talk has been made of two new DLP projectors. For those who don't know, DLP has been doing very well in the projection market for quite a few years now. Most people will say its only been popular for the last two years, but I remember reading that exact same comment in an issue of T3 in 1998, so perhaps it would be more accurate to say that its popularity is increasing at such a rate that in two years time, there will be so many DLP pjs in the world that the number in existence today will be relatively negligible.

    So anyway, on to these two new hopes, two DLP pjs designed specifically for HC, one the Dreamvision Cine X One (supposedly on release before Xmas), the other the Plus Piano (which I have heard it said, in this forum and elsewhere, shall be released on the 1st of Jan). Both of these pjs come from manufacturers who have been making DLP pjs for some time (if we appreciate that Dreamvision has acquired Davis who started making DLP pjs 4-5 years ago). It should be noted, however, that this is PLUS's first foray into HC pjs, whereas Davis produced several over the years.
    There are other contenders from Toshiba and Infocus (the MT5 and LS110 respectively) but it is my understanding that if you want either of these for around £2000, you'll have to buy online and wait around a year for the prices to drop.

    If you ask me the Phillips Munroe is gonna hold the best budget portable pj crown for all of a month, when it will be relegated to best budget LCD, and either the Piano or the X One will become the projection unit of choice for those of us too short on space to own a CRT and too poor to get a hi-end unit.

    But which will it be? Each has its own merits, the Dreamvision having XGA res, while the Piano has a -32dB fan, component inputs and Iscan built-in; the Dreamvision is specced as being brighter, but only has a 2-speed colour wheel, as opposed to the Plus's 4-speed.

    Neither of them are available to buy yet (in the UK), so place your bets now. This way maybe we can reach a decision in time to impulse buy on the day of release...

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