Low BT Fibre internet speed.


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In September I moved from EE Fibre to BT Fibre and since then seem to have had nothing but trouble with the internet speed. BT say I should be getting 7MB minimum but often it it down to around 1.5MB. BT have sent two 'Home Engineers', the second one saying that the incoming speed is well up, around 14Mb and suggested using Fast.com, which I now do. The engineer left saying that it might be something to do with my computer but, that does not make sense to me.
Can it really be that there is 7MB or above coming in and yet at times only around 1.5MB indicated at the PC, particularly when there was never any problem when connected to EE?
Thanks in advance for any helpful comments or, suggestions.


1. Can you look at the BT (?) router stats and post what your 'sync' speed is?
2. What estimated speeds does the checker >>here<< show for your address?


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Thank you, psychopomp1 for your reply and helpful suggestion. Am just trying to access the BT router. In the meantime have done a speed check on the iPhone and that is showing 4.26 so, as an interim, that suggests to me that it is unlikely to be an issue with the PC.


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There is no indication on the hub information on what the Sync Speed is. BT is offering a 'Personal Speed Test' , from within one's account but that just defaults to the history of the reported fault.
The 'checker' shows BT Broadband Availability Checker where there is 'Observed Speeds' (
Observed SpeedsVDSL
Max Observed Downstream Speed16.91
Max Observed Upstream Speed1.17
Observed Date2021-10-21
but the date is way off), but no 'Estimated Speeds' . There is a note below the grid that, 'The exchange is not in a current fibre priority programme', and yet I am supposed to be on high-speed fibre.


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Bear in mind that network (and internet) speed is measured in bits (b) instead of the usual bytes (B), where there's 8 bits per byte. So a 12Mb/s connection is the same as 1.5MB/s.

So make sure you know what units are being used by whatever application or website is giving you the speed reading.

There is a note below the grid that, 'The exchange is not in a current fibre priority programme', and yet I am supposed to be on high-speed fibre.

That's talking about full fibre that'd require a new line to your house. You're on VDSL, aka FTTC, which is your existing copper line to the green street cabinet and then fibre the rest of the way.

'High speed fibre' is just the package name, not a technical description.

Albi Dock

BT have again lowered the 'minimum guaranteed' speed on my line. To cut a long story short, Ive been on BT FTTC since 2012 and had speed upto 56Mbps but averaged around 52-53Mbps.

After a price rise, I dropped to the slightly cheaper FTTC with a capped speed of 50Mbps of which, more often than not, I got 49-50Mbps. That was until 2 June 2021 when BT 'did some work' locally and suddenly my speed dropped to 40Mbps. It's now settled at around 37Mbps on a good day.

When I complained to BT they said I was getting above my MGDL speed of 32Mbps. They've just sent me an invite to renew my BT contract which is strange because it doesnt run out until May 2022! Anyhoo, they now say my MGDL speed is 30Mbps! Why the reduction? No answer!

Looks like Im stuck on an ever reducing system. Where once Infinity 1 and 2 were available on my postcode, only the slower Fibre 1 is now available. Since other providers use the same BT network, they all report the same dismal speeds.

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