Loving FIFA 12 but...


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I am getting increasingly frustrated with defensive clearences and goal kicks on FIFA 12 - HELP!?!?!

Why is it that no matter who you are it is impossible to clear to ball past the half way line? Even a player with time to burn simply punts up a **** poor effort to the waiting CB stood on the half way line.

Also... The game has odd 1v1 situations where players like messi or ronaldo will get done for pace by a player who should be getting his ass handed to him.

Anyone else experience this??

(I am pro evo man at heart!)


I can't be 100% accurate on this, because I never clear the ball. I always pass it out, sometimes to my detriment. But I'll try and see if I can take some educated guesses.

Goal kicks depend on the 'Kicking' stat of the goalkeeper in question. For example, iirc Iker Casillas is hopeless at kicking, but Manual Neuer is very good.

If you are clearing with the button B, I think it is considered a panic clearance so will never be hugely effective distance wise. Its only objective is to get it away quickly. If you have time, try getting it away with X maxing the power out obviously.

The pace thing is a problem most people will face. Its because even the fastest players won't accelerate as quickly with the ball at their feet and often get caught up quickly by defenders who are supposed to be relatively slow. I find this massively annoying aswell, but the idea is to play differently. Firstly avoid using the right analog stick to push the ball forward. This seems to give defenders an almost guaranteed chance of catching up and winning the ball. To utilise the pace of players like Ronaldo and Messi, you have to wrong-foot the defenders, by actually beating them. This gives them far less chance of catching you.


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Even 13 year old kids can clear a ball into the other half of the field to relieve pressure. I just thought there might be some kind of 'full clearance' trick that I am missing.


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Put your lobbed pass on manual,,then you can kick it wherever you want with full power.,,the clearance button is exactly what it says,,just a panicky clearance,,either play short from the back,,or use manual for the lobbed pass,,and lob it hard down the line.

As for goal kicks,,never just kick it in a straight line,,it will always come back,,and most probably concede a goal,,the best goal kick imo,,is a lobbed pass to the fullback on either wing,,then you can build up play from there.


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i slightly disagree with you on the anolog stick push,,if you have a fast player in a 1vs1 situation,,flick the stick twice really quickly,,the ball will go about 10 yards in front of you,,and if your the faster player,,you will leave the defender for dead.


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The thing that annoys me the most is where your player pulls up. I had that happen 5 games in a row with the same player. It's just not realistic.


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Another bug.....

The dometimes super-human ablity of players who are actually rubbish in the real world lol

Also.... It fascinates me that defenders are almost powerless when the ball is put into you box :S

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