LOVEFILM - "Your internet connection has been interrupted"


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When launching the new lovefilm app it kills my Internet connection and says "your internet connection has been interrupted".

(Virgin Media 10mb Cable, with Netgear Router)

I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app but this happens every time... Any ideas?

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Have you tried accessing and watching lovefilm on your PC?


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Will have a look for the option to clear the cache this weekend... lovefilm works on the iPad on the same connection.

The app actually crashes my router when launched from the Xbox... It's very odd!


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Just updated my sons console upstairs and installed LoveFilm and exactly the same thing happens... This time via wireless... Seems either Virgin or the Virgin Router doesn't like something the Xbox tries to do :(


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exactly the same happens to me (xbox 250gb Slim) and Virgin (30mb Superhub)

As soon as you start up Lovefilm app a screen flashes up, then the router resets and another screen appears saying you have no internet connection.

Judging by the lack of other references to this problem it would (unfortunately for us) not seem to be a common problem


There's a couple of threads about this on Virgin Media's forum. It seems to only affect users with Superhubs, but not every Superhub user. Here's one of the threads: -

Re: Big Xbox issue - No NOT the usual ones, I guar... - Help & Support Forum

The guy that started the thread fixed it by resetting his Superhub to default settings, although that may or may not work for you. You should post in that thread though, because as of now Virgin seemed to have ignored the issue.


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Anyone still have this issue simply make sure you disable keyword/domain blocking. Its this area which is obviously bugged and causes the router to reboot when accessing these apps if this feature is switched on.

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