Lovefilm Packages Billing?

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Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, i thought to post it here.

Not sure if anyone uses lovefilm here, the trial seems worth a go, anyhow, Ive spoken to members of their teams a few times, and it seems you can change your package at any time, somethings i don't understand;

- You can choose what free trial you like, for free - If you're only planning on using it for the month's trial, i don't see why everyone wouldn't use the most expensive package and then cancel, to get more for their buck, or in this case, free.

- The next point is similar to above, if you can change your package at any time, and you are billed for the package you are on, for the time your billing date is, for users who use the more expensive packages, what would stop them from, changing their package to the cheapest one available, and then once billed, couple days later, change to a more expensive one, and repeat, so that their paying for a cheap package, yet gaining the benefit of a better one.

I don't see what's wrong in doing this, seeing as you can change your package at anytime, of course I'm sure LF would clock on if you tried this more than a few times.

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