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lovefilm and an increase in scratched discs?


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Been a with lovefilm for a while now abd overall the service has been great for me , but over the last 5-6 months I have noticed that a lot more films I rent have been unplayable for some parts of the movie.

Due to very very small hardly noticeable scratches on bluray discs.

I always check the discs and clean them with a glasses cloth to get grubby finger marks off them.

Latest film I rented was True Romance on bluray and this had very small scratches in different places on the disc and the films picture kept breaking up throughout the entire film:(

This must be the 5th maybe 6th bluray disc I have had with small scratches that has caused a bad viewing experience, in the last 5 months.

What are people doing with the discs to get these scratches , jeez its not hard to take good care of a disc , and do Lovefilm actually check there discs before sending them out again?

anyone had an increase in scratched bluray discs lately ?



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No problems with me, but I've been lucky with a glut of fairly new releases for a while. Only bad one was The Muppets which was covered in .... "gunk".

At least it's not the bad old days of HD DVD rentals, mandatory toilet breaks every 20 minutes!


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I've had the same problem recently. At least 3 or 4 in the last month alone - it's quite frustrating when the film freezes half way through.
I guess Lovefilm can't do much about it if people don't look after the discs but I at least expect them to be cleaned before they send it out again.
And you're right - how the hell do people manage to scratch them anyway??? My fingers never even touch the disc surface!


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I'm always amazed by the number of fingerprints on rental discs, which I clean. But if there is ever a fault, I make sure Lovefilm know and they replace the disc and send an additional film FOC.

Mark One

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I've had umpteen bad discs and there is only so many times you can comment without giving up. In the end I gave up and quit.


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Must have been with them around 8 years now, on 3 discs at a time, I can probably count the number of unplayable discs on both hands still, maybe I've just been lucky :)

As has been said, if you report it online, they'll send another disc out without waiting for the damaged one to get back to them and they'll also send another copy of the damaged disc as soon as it's available on top of your normal allocation.


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I've been with LoveFilm since they were taken over by Amazon and in the first month or so I had many scratched discs. Luckily most of the films that were damaged were not holding my interest much before going pear shaped on me so were reported as damaged and they sent out new films. After that it seemed to stop and for the most part the discs have been fine. Older titles I find are the worst for disc condition.


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It stands to reason that the longer time goes on the more scratches discs will pick up.

That said, maybe Lovefilm isn't the best provider. I've been with Blockbuster online since 2008, and have had 3, maybe 4 unplayable discs out of about 300.


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Not LF but Blockbusters, I remember renting out Prometheus and there was a massive palm print on the disc that stopped the player from recognising the disc. This was on the first day rental too.

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