Lovecraft Country (Sky/Now) TV Show Review & Comments


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Although I found the finale a bit unsatisfactory (not quite sure what was going on at the end :confused:) it was a good series because of the purple patch it hit between episodes 6 to 9 :)


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Whenever it was about the book of names it was a miss for me but everything else was pretty good and pretty out there
enjoyed it on the whole though


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Decided to dive into this tonight. Don't know a great deal about Lovecraft to be honest, but the opening episode was very solid.

Loved the look and feel; and all I know is there's some bizarre turns to come in later episodes, so it has me intrigued.

Well then I watched Episode 2. Which was absolutely dire :laugh:

Not sure whether to carry on or not to be honest. Maybe try Episode 3 and make that the decider.


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Finally finished this.

I must admit I struggled at times, and found some of the accents too heavy to understand what was being said, particularly Atticus'. This in turn meant I wasn't really keeping up with some of the plot details, but sadly I didn't care. It's a shame as I was really looking forward to this series.

To perhaps qualify those comments I also had problems with the accents in The Wire, True Detective and City On A Hill. So it's either the quality of the sound being provided by Now TV (quite likely!) or an onset of deafness, or stupidity, on my part.

Rambo John J

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I found the audio wasn't great. A lot of mumbled plot points (of which there were many) seemed to get lost in the mix all the way through this.

I thought the series was very up and down. It didn't really seem to be able to conjure up any sense of peril or suspense but there were a handful of episodes that were a lot better than the others. I didn't find it very consistent and, even if they made one, I don't think I'd be interested in watching another series. I haven't particularly liked anything Jordan Peele's been involved with, though, so it's just another thing to add to the list. The good episodes were few and far between and made it a bit of a slog to make it to the finale, and then they managed to turn something that should have gone out with a bang with plenty at stake into... pff, ok, whatever. It's a shame., it felt like all the elements were there for it to be a really decent series but for some reason it just wasn't.


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Great show..covers various aspects.
Loved the ep when Ruby plays a white woman....
Only watched it because I saw the cast name of Michael Kenneth Williams... Glad I did..
It will not be for everyone I must say especially those if your a PG viewer or watch the Hallmark channel a lot :)


Binged this over the past few days on NowTV (7 day trial with NowTV Boost).

I thought it was fantastic overall, loved the batsh*t craziness of if all, the magic, and the sci-fi aspects. The brutal racism was really unsettling, and I had no idea that some of the plot points were based on real events (Bobo and the Tulsa massacre particularly) which were as stomach-churning as they were unbelievable.

In terms of the presentation of the material itself, a lot of the dark scenes were a bit naff, presumably due to the NowTV compression, and the audio was both low and the 5.1 lacking in the centre channel, but otherwise it was watchable enough.


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Just finished episode 4 and I’m trying to like this but really struggling.

So far I have found the episodes a little disjointed, they seem to be separate stories each episode with an over-arching plot but I’m struggling to understand it.

I think the biggest problem for me is that I’m missing important dialogue. I’m watching on Sky and the dialogue is so quiet I struggle to hear what is being said. I really have to crank up the volume but then as soon as there is music or effects it practically makes my ears bleed (not really, but you get the idea).

Episode 4, I was left with very little idea of what it was about.

I read another review where many were saying the same and one described the audio mixing as hush-boom which I thinks sums it up really well.




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Didn't manage to finish it, episode 1 was good but later it just went down. I don't see why it got such appreciation. Million miles away from something like Get Out. Also the gore and eroticism felt really like they were put there only to provide some shock, not because they made any service to the story


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Just finished episode 4 and I’m trying to like this but really struggling.

So far I have found the episodes a little disjointed, they seem to be separate stories each episode with an over-arching plot but I’m struggling to understand it.

I agree. I didn't get it either. The story was a mess. I gave up at episode 5.
Only the first episode was interesting, downhill after that.


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I thought this was pretty good to be honest.

Nothing groundbreaking, but intriguing and I thought it told a pretty good story. I didn't struggle with it, unfortunate that some appear to be.

Didn't expect where the story went, nor how it ended. I'd watch a 2nd season, but not too fussed if it didn't come back. A one-off would be good enough for me too.

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