Love in the Air


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As I am only starting out in my new found hobby I hope it meets the standard so all comments are welcome..... Gulp!. :blush:

While on the London Eye, we all noticed that on the next pod, it just had these 2 people celebrating... Ahhhhhh.

Camera - Fuji S5600
Shutter - 1/180
Aperture - F3.25
Focal Length - 13.30mm
ISO - 100

Post Processing: Shot in RAW, converted to TIFF then fixed for lighting, colour sharpen and cropped in Picasa2.




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Thats an excellent picture a really nice candid shot, well done on your new found hobby.


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I like this Puli :thumbsup:
Personally, I would have cropped out the pod's frame on the left hand side but it's only a minor distraction from what otherwise is a very good shot. One of my favourites so far :smashin:

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