Love Death + Robots (Netflix) Season 2

What was your favorite 3 epiaodes?

  • 5. Sucker of Souls

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  • 9. The Dump

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  • 10. Shape Shifters

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  • 11 Helping Hand

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  • 12. Fish Night

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  • 14. Zima Blue

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  • 15. Blindspot

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  • 17. Alternate Histories

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Reviews from SXSW have been mixed. Im sure there will be one really good story we all like, still the production looks up to usual high standards. i'm interested.
Terrifying creatures, wicked surprises and dark comedy converge in this NSFW anthology of animated stories presented by Tim Miller and David Fincher.

Starring:Topher Grace, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Gary Cole

Creators:Tim Miller

Discretion NSFW



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Really was a breath of fresh air, overall 8.5/10
Visually gorgeous

My fav to least were;
(no particular order)

Ep3. The Witness

Ep6. When The Yogurt Took Over

Ep8. Good Hunting

Ep7. Beyond the Aquila Rift

Ep18. Secret War

Ep1. Sonnie's Edge

Ep11. Helping Hand

Ep4. Suits

Ep10. Shape-Shifters

Ep13. Lucky 13

Ep16. Ice Age

Ep14. Zima Blue


Ep5. "Sucker of Souls"

Ep9. "The Dump"

Ep12. "Fish Night"

Ep15. "Blindspot"

Ep17. "Alternate Histories"

Ep2 "Three Robots"


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Back on May 14:

There were some real gems in season one, but some very over-the-top nonsense too. Hope it's a little more even this time around. Also comes out on my birthday - hooray!
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That looks great, really enjoyed the first series and they announce a 3rd series on the trailer as well.


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Enjoyed the 1st season. Some good, some not so. But overall it was a nice change.
Can't wait for season 2 to start.


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Looking forward to this. Really enjoyed season 1, more good episodes than bad. None of them terrible though.

Some of the animation looks excellent in S2 trailer.


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Yep really enjoyed first season, each animation a nice (short) length too to squeeze in between longer shows. I'm in.


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Excellent can't wait as I really enjoyed season one roll on the second.

Hard to pick just 3 as they were all rather good, in fact at the time I thought it was one of the best little shows on Netflix being much like the excellent Dust channel on youtube.



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How I'd score each. Only one I didn't like was "Ice".


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Half the number of episodes this year :(

No denying the high quality of the production and the characters are animated and look great, I watched them on my projector for added big visual impact. Some episodes had a mix of live actors it seemed, I found it difficult to tell if cgi or not? The shortcomings is the short run time and the flat endings.

#1 Pop Squad
Excellent dark & gritty sci-fi episode, looked fantastic, but flat ending 7.5/10

#2 Life hutch

Wow tense and dark. Man v machine episode 7.5/10

#3 ICE

Original but not great 5/10

#4 The Tall Grass

S. King homage?
Good horror episode 7.5/10

#5 Automated Customer Service

Senior citizens tech nightmare :D 5.5/10
Could had been better

#6 All Through The House
Classic episode for parents to scare young kids into behaving 😂 8/10

#7 The Drowned Giant

A poetic episode 6/10

#8 Snow in the desert

Fantastic looking episode 7/10


Overall S2 7.5/10

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