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We're getting there (again) with the lounge. It's been through several changes since the last post (http://www.avforums.com/...) and to be honest, I'm not sure it's an improvement.

Hardware wise, i'm now using a htpc fulltime, using a dvb card with freeview, and many, many movies ripped to the HDD.
I've changed from a Denon amp (which was lovely, but SD) to an Onkyo 606.
I've also got the Xbox (now an elite) and PS3 in the farthest corner of the room, next to my desk, connected to the amp with a single HDMI, to keep the tv unit cleaner.

I know it's a bit sparce atm, but we only painted the wall last night ;)

Anyway, pics attached. nowt special.



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Looks good but I would watch out for the amp overheating in that unit....

My 605 runs quite warm and the vents are at the top of the amp, it appears to be a tight squeeze in that unit and then you've got the radiator behind it as well.

Just something to bear in mind.

IIRC Onkyo recommend a minimum of 50mm of airflow around the top of the 605 and I expect the 606/607 would be similar.


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I share the concern about the amps heating, especially, with the radiator behind it (do you use that radiator?). I would try and hide the cable for the power too. But I have to say, I really like how simple it is. It is clean, stylish and usable. I also really like the colours of the walls. Have you got any plans for pictures etc?


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its a very tidy little setup, would you be willing to remove the wheels of your av unit? Think it would look a lot nicer without them personally.

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Altrezia, That looks cool i like what you've done, but once again watch out for the amp overheating, it looks like you've not only covered the top vents but have you taken the feet off as well which will effect the air circulation even more.
My 607 needs the airflow under and over to keep it cool as it gets quite hot.
Have you thought about a new unit to stack your equipment to either the left or right of the rad?
Apart from that concern the room looks really good, i like the colour scheme.


its a very tidy little setup, would you be willing to remove the wheels of your av unit? Think it would look a lot nicer without them personally.

That's what I was going to say!.. First thing I though when I saw the unit.

Nice choice of wall colour too.


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There was nowhere for the sofa, as the wall on the left is only half the depth of the room, it's an L shape, with a (small) dining table in the corner - I'll post pics later :)

Cheers for the comments so far chaps

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Sorry mate its a slow day at work today and had a play, what do you think, New rad on same wall would be an easy diy option??


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Sorry mate its a slow day at work today and had a play, what do you think, New rad on same wall would be an easy diy option??

I reckon it might be better to have it on the wall that the sub is against?


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There is actually another radiator in the room, so if I was going to do anything, I'd just have it removed altogether. Cheers though!

The colours getting changed soon, but the dark one is 'Herringbone' by Crown, and the other I've forgotten. One is getting changed to match the other soon though, I just havent decided which one to keep.

Cheers again.


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Nice update! Love the feature wall colour. But you say you might be changing it again after just painting it yesterday?

The room looks nice and tidy but the reflection in the TV shows a different story though :D Plus I can see you too taking the pic!


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After taking your comments on board (and checking how hot the amp was), I had a bit of a fiddle. Notice how the baby's stuff is creeping back into my 'tech area'. LOL.

Also, I'm going to try it without the wheels at the weekend.



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Update: we re painted the room, and blah blah.

Things left to do:

Flooring (new carpet)
Glossing (ergh)
Remove wheels from unit
Add picture(s).


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Looks very nice mate.

Nice to see someone else using the Yamaha NS-P110 5.1 speakers.:smashin:


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Looks very nice, clean too which is always good to see.

Got to love media centre :thumbsup: Had to stop using mine as I wanted the extra channels that Virgin offered, but the V+ interface is so bad compared to Media Center.

Might be worth having a look at Media Browser for Media Center, you can have all your TV series that you have ripped displayed nicely.

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