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Im looking to upgrade my lounge setup.

I have Q acoustics 2000 series speakers and a Denon 2300 amp

I have never been happy with speaker placement the fronts are too close together and center on the floor, but i have limited space due to the speaker stands.

Im thinking a new speaker and amp package, maybe smaller speakers i can attach to the wall corners to get best distance? and maybe Atmos speakers in the cealing.

Im looking to do this properly and don't mind running cables in the walls.

Does anyone have any advice on a speaker configuration, and recomended speakers and amp to upgrade too.




Having your centre on the floor is the worse possible place for it, must sound awful. Nothing wrong with your speakers on their stands and I would completely dispense with the centre and run a pseudo centre placement from a stereo front image, that would give you a 4.1 currently. At the moment your surrounds are set a little too low and may be having trouble with furniture in the way. Can't quite see from your photographs.

If you are willing to place speakers in the ceiling then that is always going to be the best. It would be better if you could post a plan of the room with the current screen and seating positions. That will determine what speaker set up could be accommodated for Atmos and ultimately what receiver you would need.

In the mean time get shot of the centre and re configure the Denon to run as a 4.1 and re-run Audyssey.


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Can I ask, do you have any seating directly facing your PJ screen? Or is everyone sat side on?

That would be OK for visitors, but presumably your primary listening/viewing position directly faces the screen? I didn’t want to take that for granted as I couldn’t see that directly from your photos.

Your rear surrounds aren’t too badly located - but I’d put them on taller stands so they’re just about ear height when you’re seated. Many stands are 500/600mm, but Atacama do taller ones.

I’d echo the thoughts from Gibbsy about your centre speaker not being ideally located. You could place it on top your cabinet (if your blackout screen permitted?) but if you did that, I’d recommend isolating it from the cabinet as best you can.

isoAcoustics stand or Auralic Mopads would help. Although you can beat free space for a centre speaker if you can get away with it. My previous set-up had a centre on my AV cabinet, but now it’s on a speaker stand in free space and it is much improved. The boominess from the cabinet has gone and is just feels more natural. If you did retain a centre speaker on your AV stand, try angling it up so the tweeter points directly at your ear height in your seating position.

Alternatively go for a ghost centre as described by Gibbsy, or on-wall / in-wall front L&R?

Almost too many options for you, so if you let us know what your priorities are;

how much music do you listen to, or is it primarily for movies? What’s your preferred look? What do you think is missing about the feeling of the sound of your current set-up? What facets of sound are you especially looking for? Have you seen and heard any set-ups you like and would like to emulate?


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Hi thanks for the detailed reply guys, really helpful.

I have done a very basic diagram, showing the main viewing postion sofa thats about 3.8M from the screen.

The room width is 3.5M and overall length 4.5M

Can you explain pseudo centre, is that the left and right performing center as well?

This sound is just for movies so not worried about being good for other audio. So im happy to buy new kit and want to take advantage of latest stuff like Atmos.

Budget for speakers and amp would be around 1.5 to a max of 2k.


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Cool well that’s helpful.

You want to be careful really that you don’t spend your hard earned on a sideways move.

If you do decide not to have a centre speaker, you would simply let the amp know that in the setup process and the centre information would be spread across left & right speakers.

So your main task now is finding a sound you like.

Personally if I was not using a centre speaker I’d want to have a main L&R speaker that had a good midrange. If you just have satellites and a sub, the sense of midrange can be lacking.

In terms of outright performance I can heartily recommend the Monitor Audio Radius package, albeit with the R270 floorstanders as main L&R. I’ve owned various permutations of this range in the past. Their midrange is outstanding for such a compact speaker and the tweeters are phenomenal for surround whizz bang excitement. Their steering effects are stunningly fast. They’re not shy and retiring if that’s what you’re after, but they can be delicate too depending on the source.

They do happen to be very musical too and MA do a vast range of in-wall speakers you could use for Atmos speakers.

Alternatively the new MA Bronze range has just been released so there are some shockingly good deals to be had on the outgoing models.

Remember most dealers are prepared to offer discounts if you purchase speakers and Av receiver at the same time.

So I’d really recommend going to a dealer (Richer Sounds I know have opened this week and are taking bookings for demos - other dealers I would imagine are offering similar) and simply listening for what you feel is missing about your set up currently.

Explain to the dealer as much as you can about your room layout and aspirations. Explain to him what you feel is lacking about the sound in your current set up, and let your ears and wallet guide you.

Depending on budget - I’d recommend getting the best 5.1 amp and speakers that you can afford and if necessary adding in ceiling speakers later.

A superior 5.1 system will sound far better than a cheaper 7.1.4 for the same price - so do remember that, particularly as you’ve evidently been a little disappointed with your system to date. i’m A little concerned that if you purchase a full 7.1.4 system now, the actual quality of amp and speakers may not quite offer the improvement you are hoping for.

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