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    For a long time been longing for something bigger than then the one news item with no feedback in the old sticky and often info been scant. Thank Stuart for allowing a new expanded forum.

    Although a few weeks old news and reported I though I jog people s memories of who Louise was.

    Louise Clarke original Pans People dancer died age 63.

    I say original, well actually the team when through some changes before they were first on TOTP but Louise was in that first line up on there first appearance.

    I think even dads not interested in the music tuned in every week to see the girls.

    She was my favourite of all the dancers on TOTP and was glad to see a new local nightspot opening up and had them booked for the grand opening, I was crest fallen when Louise was not there, I think recently she had left the team to settle down.
    She married a businessman who she remained married to till his death 2 years ago, Louse died sadly died of heart failure.
    Her last appearance on TOTP reputably was dancing to Homely Girl by the Chi-Lites

    BBC News - Pan's People dancer Louise Clarke dies, aged 63

    Born London 3.9.1949: Died Ipswich Hospital/Suffolk 15.8.2012. R.I.P. Louise

    Anyway although posted already in that I like to add this at the start as many may know her but not by name In the video she the one in the gold dress and green short fluffy jacket second in the video

    Pan's People: Get Down / Gilbert...

    Louise Clarke 1.jpg
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