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Hi All

Need a little help here, I work in I.T and as of last week my company is providing 24/7 I.T support and this weekend I am on call!

My problem is that I am a deep sleeper which means you can call me on my Blackberry or any phone and I will not wake up!

Being on 24/7 support means I can recieve a call at 4am in the morning and must answer the phone.

I have a set of Crative T40 Series 2 speakers which I am able to connect to my Andorid LG 2X and when it rings, it blasts out of the speakers as well as the phone, but this doesn't work for my Blackberry 9780! It just rings out the phone and not the speakers but when I play songs or videos it does come out of the speakers!

For this weekend only I am allowed to use my personal Android phone but going forward I'm told I must use my Blackberry! :rolleyes:

Is there some sort of setting on my BB that will enable the ringer to be also diverted through my speakers?

This solution although works is not ideal as I have to turn up the volume on the speakers to the max to get decent sound (weird as when playing songs the speakers are loud at 50% but not for incoming call ringtone and yes I have tried setting the song as a ring tone but the volume is reduced drastically), this also means the speakers make a wooshing sound and once in a while it makes static noises!

I have searched google for optional loudspeakers but all I get are speaker docks etc and no mention of whether these speakers work for incoming calls etc!

Any ideas please chaps?


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Unfotunately, I think this is by design, if you do a search, virtually all BlackBerries have this stupid annoying problem.

Easiest way round this is to buy a cheap Nokia with a headphone socket (or any other moby that plays ringtones through the earphones), stick the BlackBerry SIM in there when you sleep and then connect the moby to your speakers.

Alternatively, if you have a bluetooth headset, the ring should come through the headset itself. What you could do then is perhaps get a pair of bluetooth speakers and hook the BlackBerry up to that.

One last option is to grab your favourite MP3 ring tone, amplify it using something like Audacity on Windows and then copy it back to the BlackBerry. I've done this for quite a few ring tones as the ones that RIM supply are often on the quiet side.

Hope this helps :smashin:

Dead Cell

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Thanks dodgy, I'm going to tell them that they either allow me to use my Android phone or I sleep through the calls! Their choice lol!

EDIT: After much searching I finally found this little beauty SERENE Super Loud Cell Phone Ringer/Flasher

I ordered mine through eBay and it is shipping from USA. Cost me $80 in total whatever that works out to in pounds.

You simply attach your mobile phone ensuring that the vibrate is turned on, so when you receive a call the phone will vibrate which sets off the Serene Loud Ringer and hopefully waking you up!

A Bed Shaker can also be bought separately which works with this device for an extra kick lol!

Thought I'd share just in case someone else ever needs one!
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