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Loud pop from speakers when I turn off integrated amp


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I bet this question has been asked, I searched through google but couldnt find a solution. I have a Rotel RA 1570 int amp, when I turn off the amp, I hear a loud pop through the speakers. What's causing this and how can it be fixed?


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Do you hear any pops or thumps when you turn on your Rotel? Normally when you turn on/off any amplifier there is a relay in the speaker output circuit that keeps the speakers disconnected until the power supplies are stable, after a few seconds of applying power the relay energises and connects the speakers (sometimes you may be able to hear a soft click as the relay energises). When you turn the power off the amplifier detects this loss of supply and quickly opens the relay contacts and disconnects the speakers so you don't hear the sound of the power supplies decaying (pop or thump sound).

Disconnects all inputs and only leave the speakers connected and try turning on and off. If the noise is still present then you need a repair.


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Pull out the links between the pre and main amp sections on the rear channel and see if the fault persists. If so, it's a power amp fault, but if it goes, it's a problem with the pre-amp section.

Try unplugging all inputs and see if this fixes things. It's possible that an input is putting a DC bias or a stray earthing current onto the amp, which is causing the thump.

If all this fails, probably a call to Rotel to see if the amp should soft start and shut down.

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