Loud "Pop!" from Pioneer 433MXE


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Wow, my 433MXE just went "pop"...! It's permanently in standby mode and when I press the power button, I get the green power light for a short while before I get a flickering red one.

Right, I know that the plasma is old. I know that you can get a much better picture these days for a really cheap price.

But hey, I bought this thing in 2003 and it's been a faithful servant all of this time and it's gone before its time.

So where can I source a replacement PSU, assuming that is the problem?

I think it is, according to this archive thread (which I can't bump)



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may be worth trying ebay, look for a dealer called the 'Pioneer Man', used him before and he's very knowledgable, PM me if you can't locate him :)
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